10 Easiest College Classes You Can Take

The thought of college can be daunting for many young adults. But fear not! There are plenty of courses out there that are a breeze to complete. Here are some of the ten easiest college classes that won’t stress you out too much.

1. Public Speaking –

Public speaking is one of the most feared classes, yet it can actually be quite simple if you know what to expect. Many courses will provide students with resources and tips for delivering a successful speech, so you won’t have to worry about memorizing every word. Plus, public speaking is a skill that everyone should have, so this class could benefit you down the line!

2. Art Appreciation –

This course is all about understanding the beauty and history behind works of art. It doesn’t require any major artistic talent, just an appreciation and understanding of art history and its importance to our culture.

3. Astronomy –

This course focuses on understanding our universe from galaxies to stars and planets. You don’t need to be a science major to understand the basics here; just enough interest in learning about our solar system, which makes this course an easy A+.

4. Creative Writing –

Creative writing classes allow students to express their creativity through stories and poems without needing to know complex grammar rules or structure rules like other English classes do. Creative writing classes also offer students a chance to learn more about storytelling techniques that they can apply in their own lives as well as in future careers!

5. Music Appreciation –

Music appreciation courses offer an introduction into different styles of music such as jazz, classical, and rock n’ roll without requiring any prior knowledge or experience with playing instruments or reading music sheets! The class typically covers topics such as instrumentation, composition, performance practice, and more for all types of music genres around the world — perfect for those who want an easy-to-digest overview of music history without having to dive deep into theory or performance skills!

6. Psychology –

Psychology is one of the easiest courses at many universities because it focuses mainly on theories rather than facts that must be memorized or studied extensively like other sciences do (biology). It’s also perfect for those who want a better understanding of why people act the way they do—something we all could use more knowledge about!

7. Humanities –

Humanities classes offer students an opportunity to explore literature, philosophy, art history, language studies and more without needing any specialized knowledge beforehand—just an open mind towards learning something new! These classes are perfect for those who want an introduction into various topics without having to commit too much time studying one subject in-depth.

8. Philosophy –

Philosophy classes are great for those who want an introduction into philosophical thought without having to dive deep into complex theories or arguments that require extensive background knowledge like some upper-level philosophy classes may demand from students! Plus, these classes often touch upon ethical issues so you can learn how different cultures around the world think differently when it comes to morality or justice – great conversation starters at dinner parties too!

9. Computer Science 101 –

Computer Science 101 is perfect for those wanting a basic introduction into coding but don’t want anything too complicated—perfect for someone starting out in tech but not ready for advanced programming yet! Many colleges offer introductory computer science courses where students can learn how computers work and how coding works – no prior knowledge required!

10 World Religions –

World religions classes offer students insight into various belief systems from around the world such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam etc., without needing any prior religious knowledge whatsoever—just an open mind willing to explore different cultures and beliefs around us today! These courses tend to focus on religious practices rather than theology which makes them easier than some upper-level religious studies courses might require from you later on down your university track!

College doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you choose the right courses wisely; there are plenty out there that won’t make your head spin with endless memorization tasks or long hours spent studying late at night before exams come up! From art appreciation all the way through computer science 101 and beyond – there’s something out there that’ll fit your college needs perfectly while allowing you plenty of free time after class hours end each day – happy learning everyone!

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