Ron English talks about mini art festival ‘Elrow Delusionville’ he created that kicks off Thursday in Hialeah

Do you sometimes feel like you live in delusion-ville? Because, we have that in common, and now, “Elrow Delusionville,” an immersive Art Week mini festival starting tomorrow, is going to be so crazy, normal people will feel the nutty ones.

Best dream? Worst nightmare?

Ron English: “Other people can see what it’s like to live inside my head.”

No matter what, this psychedelic, sunset-to-sunrise art party will be a trip.

Ron English: “It’ll be fun because now you can actually be a part of this whole world.”

And the real-life version of all the twisted, technicolor surrealism going in Ron English’s noggin.

Ron English: “This whole thing took my whole life to get to this moment.”

A dream come true, literally, from when he was 17.

Ron English: “A key event for me was Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall.’ I went to see it in California, and I thought, ‘I’ll never be able to do anything like this. I didn’t understand that it took them their whole lives to get to the point to make that concert.”

Now, the pop artist and provocateur is a living legend in the street art world and Elrow, world-famous for their “crazy” parties– think Ibiza-big.

Michael Julian: “Happens every time. ‘One more, one more,’ and they’ll still stay and wait and sometimes we’ll play one more. Ha-ha.”

Together, “Elrow Delusionville” is born, a 12-hour, immersive mini festival at Factory Town in Hialeah, starting this Thursday at 7 p.m.

Michael Julian: “And the best of house music, from world-wide superstar DJs.”

And you’ll see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Ron English: “It’s like you’re going to this strange, weird town where you’re the weird one, and everybody else is like normal that would normally be strange.”

Underground house and techno DJs spin on two stages, while characters add a whole other layer of storytelling.

Michale Julian: “You can’t tell apart who’s a part of the show and who’s a part of the crowd. You are just completely immersed with characters and confetti flying and things hanging over you. Think like Cirque du Soleil or Broadway show. It’s a program.”

All wrapped up in Ron’s satirical and humorous art.

Ron English: “And a lot of the characters just make a cultural commentary, like what if Ronald McDonald actually ate at McDonald’s. What would he look like?”

Hmmm… Quarter pounder with cheese.

Tickets for the one-time-only-in-America, Art Week event start at just over $60. But this life advice is priceless.

Ron English: “Life is a party, and you’re expected to bring something to the party, and then every now and then you’re expected to throw your own party.”

Again, Delusionville stars at 7 p.m. Thursday and goes for 12 hours.


Elrow Delusionville × Basel Week 2022800 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33142, USATo purchase ticket, click here.