Pérez Art Museum Miami adds new immersive exhibition ‘Liminal’ by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich

Art is subjective but these days, it can also be immersive, and that doesn’t always mean touching. Deco’s checking out a new exhibit where reality isn’t what you think it is.

Seeing is believing but some things are not what they seem at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

The museum is celebrating Argentine artist Leandro Erlich’s new immersive exhibition — “Liminal.”

Franklin Sirmans, Director​ of Pérez Art Museum Miami: “This is the largest exhibition of Leandro Erlich’s work ever in this country. We are so excited to be able to share this important artist with Miami and with the world.”

The exhibition features 16 unique works. All of which turn ordinary objects and experiences into something extraordinary.”

Leandro Erlich: “I’m interested in this idea of questioning the idea of reality. And in daily life, in the ordinary, the common things, I think we pretty much take for granted. “))

“Liminal.” brings those things to the forefront with pieces like the swimming pool, where people can walk under the water. The elevator that goes nowhere but into itself, and the playful changing room labyrinth.

Leandro Erlich: “I believe that through the process of playing, is the way we originally as children, we get to understand and we learn. So I think that there’s something very deep into the action and interaction.”

There’s also several elements that involve using mirrors in an unexpected way.

Leandro Erlich: “Pieces like the classroom, where people are invited to position themselves in a particular place where they will see their own reflection in a particular other place.”

The goal is to challenge people’s perception of art while giving them the chance to immerse themselves in.

Leandro Erlich: “I hope that many people come to PAMM and have the chance to explore.”


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