Boston University issues warning about drinking danger after possible incident of a student’s drink being spiked

Boston University is issuing a warning to students about drinking danger after a member of the campus community said they may have been drugged after they woke up in the hospital with little recollection about the night before.

Boston University and Boston Police are now investigating the possible incident of a student’s drink being spiked at an off-campus party Friday night. A student told police they were at a house party where they had a couple of drinks from people they didn’t know. The student later got sick and returned to campus with roommates but didn’t remember much of the night before waking up in a hospital. University police then called Boston Police to investigate.

Boston University said the Judicial Affairs Office is following up on the police report and “if the hearing officer determines a connection between that incident and anyone affiliated with BU, we will take appropriate action as we consistently do. We take all allegations of student misconduct seriously and hold students accountable for violations of the Code of Student Responsibilities.”

Boston Police issued an alert about drinks being drugged at parties and gatherings around the start of the school year. Now amid this new investigation, some students have been sharing steps they’re taking to stay safe while having a good time.

“All my friends make sure we have each other’s locations,” said Agnes Tan.

“Just stick around a friend group so like if one of you guys get drunk or hurt or anything make sure you have friends around you,” said Jason Jiang.

“This past week at the GSU they were giving out little scrunchies to put over so you can just put your straw in, make sure no one can put anything in your drink,” said Annie Lynch. “Just watch out for your friends, that’s the most important thing.”

The incident remains under investigation.